Thursday, November 2, 2017

Storm Crew

I was driving alone from Memphis to New Orleans. It can be a long and boring drive, and I had a way to watch videos on my phone, so I put on Star Trek: Next Generation and set the phone on the speedometer so it was visible through the steering wheel. I wasn't really watching it but listening to the audio and taking a glance every now and then. Really, I just put it on to keep me company. Eventually, I started daydreaming that the phone was a window into the engine of the car. I imagined that the people on the bridge of the spaceship were little car operators! It was a funny idea. Maybe they thought they were in control of the car and they were unaware of me. Then, something weird happened. The story synced up with my reality. In the episode, they were approaching some kind of space storm. It was a massive cloud that was somehow very dangerous. They were preparing a plan, trying to decide if they could go through it or not. At the exact same time I was approaching a bad thunderstorm. It was uncanny, hearing them talk about the storm right in front of me. It was like we were all getting ready for it. Eventually I had to turn off the video and concentrate on driving through the storm. It was so bad that I pulled off to the side of the interstate with a lot of other cars to wait it out. 

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