Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hello old friend

I miss this place! It feels so weird to have abandoned this blog after so many years. Life on Planet Earth is wild. Time flies. I'm back!

I can give you an update. Kong Wee and I have been installing more and more outdoor murals. It's been exciting and satisfying to work on a large scale. Putting things out in the physical world is so different than paper works we do that (hopefully) end up in someone's home. I love working outside and interacting with people on the street. Sometimes they're not into the art at all! It's funny, but it reminds me a lot of skateboarding, how it's a personal thing a public space, so there is an uncertain element to it. When we installed the sequin birds, I heard someone say,  "it looks like prom." Most of the feedback has been good, but honestly it's thrilling to get a critic.

Speaking of skateboarding, I got to check designing a deck off my bucket list. Last year I was so stoked to do a series of two board graphics for New Orleans' own Preservation Board Co. It meant so much to me that it was my hometown heroes who gave me that opportunity. Hope to do many more in the future! All my best to you. Will catch up soon. Peace!